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Tongkat Ali

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There are several dosages on the market. We recommend that you check the concentration in active ingredients.
See the product label for the concentration of active ingredients, usually expressed as a percentage. Make sure that the product contains a sufficiently high concentration of Tongkat Ali extract to be effective. A standardized extract containing at least 1% of eurycomanone (an active compound) is generally recommended.

Tongkat Ali Long Jack - 60 capsules 480mg

Tongkat Ali premium quality, standardized type. 60 capsules of 480mg with 1% of Eurycoma Longifolia extract minimum. 100% natural, without any additive, tested and verified. Natural Testosterone Booster, sold worldwide. Produced in Malaysia, in a GMP certified laboratory.
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Coffee Tongkat Ali and ginseng - 20 30g bags

20 bags of 30 grams of instant coffee based on Tongkat Ali and ginseng. Infused with ginseng and ginseng extracts tongkat ali, this coffee Alicafe is designed to give a natural boost to your energy and endurance, ideal to start your day with vigor.
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