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Tongkat Ali Long Jack - 60 capsules 480mg


Tongkat Ali premium quality, standardized type.

60 capsules of 480mg with 1% of Eurycoma Longifolia extract minimum.

100% natural, without any additive, tested and verified.

Natural Testosterone Booster, sold worldwide.

Produced in Malaysia, in a GMP certified laboratory.

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Our PREMIUM tongkat ali, natural testosterone booster

We no longer present it to you, here is our TONGKAT ALI PREMIUM, manufactured in Malaysian laboratories.
This bottle contains 60 capsules of 480mg of tongkat ali extract
These are Tongkat Ali harvested in the tropical forests of Malaysia
Our extract is STANDARDIZED, which differentiates it from the majority of tongkat ali on the market
The standardized extract is of better quality.

A quality tongkat ali: the advantages of standardized extraction

A standardized extract, often used in the context of herbal medicines and supplements, offers several important benefits:

  • Consistent dosage : Standardized extracts contain precise amounts of certain active compounds. This ensures that each batch of our tongkat ali delivers the same strength and effectiveness, allowing for more precise and reliable dosing. We guarantee a minimum of 1% of Eurycoma Longifolia (active compound).
  • Guaranteed effectiveness: Research carried out on tongkat ali is generally based on the activity of specific components present in the extract.
  • Easy comparison: Consumers and health professionals can more easily compare the different tongkat ali on the market, between different brands if they are standardized for certain ingredients. It is for this reason that it is necessary remain vigilant about the indicated concentration on the tongkat ali that we can find on the internet. Most of the time, it is not a standardized extract.
  • Security: Standardization can contribute to the safety of extracts by ensuring that levels of potentially harmful substances remain within safe limits.
  • Quality Control: Standardization processes generally require strict quality control, which helps produce high-quality products and decreases variability due to natural factors like plant growing conditions. On the market, you will even find low end tongkat ali, artisanal, manufactured and encapsulated by hand, without any safety regulations !
  • Scientific Research: Standardized extracts facilitate scientific research because studies can use products with known, consistent concentrations of active compounds, making results more reproducible.
  • Consumer Confidence: Standardized products can increase consumer trust because they are perceived as more reliable and professional compared to non-standardized extracts.
  • Regulations and Compliance: Standardization generally facilitates the compliance process, for government regulations that may require specific levels of certain active ingredients.

Standardization is particularly important in areas where natural products are used for therapeutic purposes, as it helps ensure that patients receive a therapeutic amount of the active ingredient.

Eurycomanone Longfolia, another name for tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali, known scientifically as Eurycoma longifolia, is an herb that is often used as a supplement for various purported health benefits, including improving strength, fertility, and sexual performance.

Standardized Tongkat Ali Extract refers to an extract that has been standardized to contain a certain amount of one or more specific active compounds. These active compounds may include eurypeptides, glycosaponins or quassinoid compounds such as eurycomanone. Our standardized extract contains at least 1% d'eurycomanone. Each capsule contains 480mg de tongkat ali.

Standardization is important because plants can naturally vary greatly in their concentrations of active compounds depending on many factors, such as where and how they were grown, harvested and processed. By standardizing extracts, we strive to provide a consistency that allows users to receive a measured dose of the active ingredient believed to be responsible for tongkat ali's therapeutic effects.

Users should be careful and look for high-quality products from reputable manufacturers, as the supplement market is not as strictly regulated as that of prescription drugs, and quality can vary greatly from product to product . It is also advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially if one is already taking other medications or has pre-existing medical conditions.

Tongkat ali et musculation

Tongkat Ali and its many benefits for men

The benefits of tongkat ali are numerous, and are starting to become more and more known.

Sexual vitality, aphrodisiac, sports performance

The Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma longifolia, is a traditional medicinal plant from Southeast Asia, renowned for its adaptogenic and toning properties.
One of the notable advantages of Tongkat Ali is its potential to improve energy and sports performance. .
Bioactive compounds, such as quassinoides, appear to help increase endogenous testosterone production, which can promote muscle mass and strength.
Additionally, this extract can combat fatigue and improve endurance, which is beneficial for athletes or those engaged in strenuous physical activities.

From a sexual health point of view, Tongkat Ali is often touted for its aphrodisiac effects you know ability to improve male fertility. .
Studies suggest that its consumption can improve sperm quality and increase libido.

Tongkat Ali could also play a role in the reduction of stress by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, which contributes to better overall hormonal balance.
This makes Tongkat Ali extract an attractive supplement for those looking to support their general well-being and their sexual vitality.

Tongkat ali les bienfaits et avantages

Scientific studies on Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) has been the subject of various scientific studies evaluating its effectiveness and potential benefits. Here is an overview of the types of studies carried out:

  • Studies on Testosterone and Sexual Performance: Research has been conducted to determine the impact of Tongkat Ali on testosterone levels and sexual function. Some studies have shown increased testosterone levels in men with Tongkat Ali supplements, which may improve libido and sexual performance.
  • Male Fertility Studies: Clinical trials have examined the effect of Tongkat Ali on sperm quality. Results often indicate improved sperm concentration, motility and volume, suggesting potential benefits for male fertility.
  • Studies on sports performance and muscle strength: Tongkat Ali is also being studied for its potential role in improving strength and muscle mass, as well as athletic performance, in part through its purported influence on levels of testosterone.
  • Studies on Reducing Stress and Anxiety Symptoms: There is some evidence that Tongkat Ali may reduce the stress hormone cortisol and improve some anxiety symptoms. This is studied in the context of its action as an adaptogen.
  • Studies on Obesity and Metabolic Health: A few studies suggest that Tongkat Ali may have a positive effect on weight loss and metabolic health, although this research is still in the preliminary stages.
  • Studies on Antioxidant Effects: Tongkat Ali contains compounds with antioxidant properties, which may help combat oxidative damage and support cellular health.
  • Studies on Antimalarial and Antimicrobial Properties: In vitro research suggests that Tongkat Ali may have antimalarial and antimicrobial activities, although these results have yet to be confirmed in vivo.

You will find these studies on the following sites:

  1. Scientific study on tongkat ali by PubMed in 2013
  2. Scientific study on tongkat ali by PubMed on the effects on stress
  3. Article by Doctor Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd
  4. Article on tongkat ali published on Wiley
  5. Article on fertility and tongkat ali on NCBI
  6. and much other scientific research is available on the internet.

Our tongkat ali: 100% natural food supplement

We offer pure, 100% natural tongkat ali
The capsules are also plant-based, and have received Halal certification in Malaysia
We do not add any synthetic chemicals or artificial additives
No preservatives, stabilizers or other unnecessary additives are added

Beware of counterfeits

Beware of certain counterfeit “tongkat ali aphrodisiacs” sold on the market
Some sellers use the names of different popular brands, promising a 100% natural product, with immediate effectiveness before intimate intercourse
These products are usually modified with prohibited products, false and falsified information
You should pay attention to food supplements available on the internet, but also in certain foreign stores
Always check the authenticity of ingredients whenever possible.

Tongkat Ali 480mg

The difference with other tongkat ali

If you are researching tongkat ali, let it be tongkat ali on Amazon, or ali sur Aliexpress stick, it is important to carefully check the ingredients, the origin, and the various certificates
Some sellers even do dropshipping, buying from Chinese suppliers: we do not recommend purchasing from these sellers who do not inspire confidence.

Our tongkat ali differentiates itself from other brands through several points:

  1. Our tongkat ali is made in a laboratory, GMP certified.
  2. Our tongkat ali is type standardized, unlike many sellers who offer tongkat ali made from simple extract.
  3. We carry out tests in independent laboratories.
  4. The rate of Eurycomanone is 1% minimum. We carry out the tests for each production batch (method used type MS 2409:2011, year B1).
  5. Each production batch is traced and identified by a unique number.
  6. Our tongkat ali is approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health
  7. We offer tongkat ali in 150 ml bottles. For conservation and humidity reasons, we do not offer our capsules in resealable bags.

Tongkat Ali amazon qualité

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