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Tongkat Ali - food supplement 60 capsules 350 mg


Box of 60 capsules TONGKAT ALI premium quality.

Vegetable capsules of 350 mg pure, without any additives.

Certified GMP, KKM (Department of Malaysian Health).

Tested in laboratory.

Free date JANVIER 2025.

Our TONKAT ALI BIOCARE will become your partner on a daily basis.

€34.90 Save €5.00
Available 20 november 2023


The benefits of TONGKAT ALI

The Tongkat Ali, also known as'Eurycoma longifolia, (or still TONKAT ALI) is a medicinal plant native to Southeast Asia, recognized for its many health benefits.
Scientific studies have revealed several key benefits associated with this plant.

Effects on human sexual health

First, Tongkat Ali is renowned for its effects on sexual health. Research has shown that he can increase testosterone levels, male sex hormone, which can help improve erectile function and libido in men.
A study published in the "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" in 2013 showed a significant increase in testosterone levels in men taking an extract from Tongkat Ali compared to a placebo group.

Tongkat Ali can reduce stress

Secondly, Tongkat Ali is considered a adaptogen, which means it can help reduce stress and promote hormone balance.
In the same study published in the "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" in 2013, it was shown that participants taking an excerpt Tongkat Ali had a significant reduction in stress hormone levels, cortisol.
This can have a positive impact on stress management and mental health.

Physical performance: strength and weight loss

I mean Tongkat Ali is also used for boost energy, improve vitality and support physical performance.
Research has shown that it can promote muscle growth and endurance.

You will find various scientific studies highlighting this well-being on the body, including:

  1. Hamzah et al. (2003) study: This study assessed the effects of Tongkat Ali's excerpt on sports performance. Participants took an extract from Tongkat Ali for 5 weeks. Results showed a significant increase in muscle strength, endurance and fatigue reduction compared to the placebo group.
  2. Tambi et al. (2012) study: This study examined the effect of Tongkat Ali's extract on sexual and physical performance in men with hypogonadism (low testosterone levels). Results showed a significant improvement in muscle strength, endurance and sexual quality of life after supplementation in Tongkat Ali.

It is essential to note that while Tongkat Ali has many potential health benefits, and it is recommended to consult a health professional before incorporating it into your daily routine to ensure that your individual needs are appropriate.

Les bienfaits du Tongkat Ali

How to use our TONGKAT ALI?

Our Tongkat Ali BIOCARE contains 60 capsules of 350mg pure, without any additives.
The capsules are vegetal.
You can take up to 2 capsules a day (noon, and evening), during your meal, with a large glass of warm water.

The effects of Tongkat Ali may take time to manifest.
Don't expect instant results. It may be necessary to use it for several weeks before fully experiencing its benefits.

The use of Tongkat Ali Biocare must be undertaken prudently and under the supervision of a health professional. It is essential to choose a quality product, respect the recommended dosages and carefully monitor any adverse effects.
Remember that the results may vary from person to person, and it is best to consult a health professional to determine if Tongkat Ali is appropriate for your specific needs.

Prendre 2 capsules par jour de Tongkat Ali


You will find many vendors from Tongkat Ali, including on the internet, and on Amazon.
We strongly advise to purchase products at abnormally low prices, including all supplements from China.

Our Tongkat Ali is carefully prepared, laboratory tested and marketed for more than 10 years worldwide.
Each bottle is traced with a unique production number and identification, as well as a expiry date.

Avoid products with a doubtful concentration, and all products containing additives.
We only sell 100% natural products, gMP certified but also by ministry of health of malaysia (KKM hologram sticker on each bottle).

Les différents Tongkat Ali

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